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  • Friday, October 14, 2022 - HeatSiecker Click to Claim - NE
  • Location: 14922 SW 72nd Street, Martell, NE
  • Sale End Time: 10:00 PM CENTRAL
  • Sale Rep: Tyler Humphrey 4192303450, Dave Stoltz 4027097412, Stephanie Sindel 4195083226

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Welcome to HeatSiecker, the revolutionary way to heat check cattle.  Real time mount notifications are sent to a mobile app so you will know the best time to breed.  Our system consists of a patch, glue, antenna and mobile app.  After purchase you must e-mail us at: to properly set up the system and confirm your shipping address.

We are cattle producers just like you!  Thanks for supporting our business, located in Martell, NE and made in the USA.  –Brent and Shar Sieck

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