Upcoming Sales

These practice sales are set up to give you a safe place to learn how our unique sales platform works. Within the Practice Sales tab, you can view each auction, add items to your Watch List and place bids. If you want to see how the real-time bidding works, get a friend to bid against you!

All bids are deleted and Watch List items removed at the top of each hour, so you will never be invoiced for your auction activity. If you want to see an auction closing, the Mock Pig Sale closes 30 minutes after the top of each hour and then reopens at the top of the next hour. YOU MUST REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT TO USE THE PRACTICE SALES. If you have questions about how to use any of our site features, visit the Bidder FAQ page to watch our tutorial videos.

If you want to learn more or inquire about booking a sale with us, visit the Contact Us page and reach out to someone on our sales team!
Sorry, there are currently no upcoming Swine sales listed. Please check back soon!